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Physis Physiotherapy

RunningKeeping yourself running and avoiding injury can be a challenge, especially when you are enthusiastic about it! Physis understand the desire to keep running, and so work with you, either to keep you running or return you to your passion as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a social runner fitting the occasional run into your schedule, a more serious athlete preparing for the forthcoming race season, or an addict in the thick of it running in the winter series, keeping injuries at bay can be a delicate balance between pushing yourself hard enough to get the best out of your training and competition, but not beyond your capability.

Physis is one of Scotland’s largest physiotherapy practices. They have eight clinics spread throughout Edinburgh, Livingston, Grangemouth, Linlithgow and Dunfermline. Their Sports Physiotherapists are all musculoskeletal specialists, some with experience of treating Olympic and Commonwealth Athletes, others with personal running experience at International level. Physis are dedicated to getting you back to running with ease as quickly as possible. They also provide sports massage at most sites, and work closely with Sports Podiatry Scotland in their Edinburgh clinics.
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They have access to state of the art assessment technology such as Vi Perform® and GaitScan® that give invaluable insight into diagnosing those more difficult cases. Call 0131 478 4646 to book your assessment – it’s the same number for all the clinics.  Or visit the Physis website.