18 Jan

Frank Seeger Massage Therapy

Frank Seeger

Frank SeegerHaving worked in London’s corporate world of advertising and publishing for several years, Frank Seeger decided a change of scenery was needed so moved to Glasgow to teach yoga. Initially, massage was more of a sideline for Frank, but demand has grown significantly over the years, leading to him opening his own massage studio in central Glasgow last year.

Frank has trained in yoga and massage, so has a very good understanding of the moving body and uses his knowledge in his massage treatments. Sports massage is an umbrella term and generally can be described as one of three specific massage treatments:

  •     Pre/post event massage (i.e. before or after a running event, rugby match etc.)
  •     General sports/deep tissue massage (often referred to as “maintenance massage”)
  •     Treatment of sports injuries and minor aches (such as tennis elbow, back and shoulder pain etc.)

Frank explains: “Sports massage has a variety of techniques at its disposal. There is a huge long list I could add here but I’ll resist. It’s safe to say that during Sports and Remedial Massage treatments I use 99% of the time use my hands as the primary means of treatment.

“From time to time I may use other techniques such as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) or kinesiology taping to help. The treatment is focused on the area that is not only painful but the area that is causing the pain. This is important to restore balance and help your body's natural internal mechanisms of healing.”

Frank also offers a Swedish style ‘relax and unwind’ massage to help customers relax.

For more information, visit www.frankseeger.net