25 May

Run O'Clock

sunrise run

With the peak of summer looming, it is a glorious time for runners who like to be choosy about when they run. 

If, like me, you live in a rural part of the world, winter can be difficult. With dark mornings and darker evenings, it can be tricky finding a window for your midweek runs, particularly living in an area where street lights are limited.
But come summer, the early sunrise and the later sunset, there can be up to 15 hours available for runners to get their sessions in. So which to choose? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each time slot:
If it’s a feeling of satisfied smugness you crave, then running in the morning is for you. What can be better than banking your seven miler while others are snoozing or woozily getting their early caffeine fix to kick start their day? It also sets you up for the day with a timely endorphin boost. Assuming you are running on an empty stomach, it also burns more calories. On the downside, you are stiffer and colder in the mornings, so are more susceptible to injury. 
If you take your run during lunchtime at work, it will never eat into your own time with family and friends. It gives you a mental lift ahead of the working afternoon. On the downside, it involves some logistical organising, taking all your kit to work, including towel and toiletries for a shower – assuming one is available!
Running at night can be a nice way to think over and process those stresses of the day. It will also make it less likely you spend your evening drinking alcohol or anything else unhealthy. But, if you put off your run to the evening you are in the hands of the weather, rather than if you took a flexible approach.