23 Sep

The Tasty Way To Recovery

Muscle Mousse

English internationalist Angela Hibbs is always looking for that extra edge that will take her running performance to the next level. Recently she found that help was at hand close to home and decided to do further research...

I came across Muscle Mousse after a search online when I was looking for recovery products other than the usual gels and cereal bars you see in the running shops. I find many of the popular recovery and energy gels extremely hard to eat so I was curious when I came across the Genetic Supplements website where they were advertising their Muscle Mousse product.

The fetching moose on the website drew my attention as did the words 'recovery', 'protein' and 'dessert'! Not a combination you usually find! I know that most exercise people have a healthy sized sweet tooth (we work hard so we can treat ourselves!) and dessert mousses from the supermarket are one of my favourites (but not the healthiest option) so I was very keen to give these ago.

Wanting to obtain a range of views on the product (that's academics for you!) I enlisted a few of my running and cycling friends to try out some of the favours. It comes in a great range - butterscotch, mint chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, so something for everyone!

It is very quick and easy to make up. Measure out two scoops of the mousse and put into a shaker cup, add 150ml of water, screw the lid on tight and shake away for about 40 seconds until fully mixed. Then all you have to do is put in the fridge for 15 minutes or more and there you have it. As it sets it does expand in size slightly in the mixer so use a fair sized one.

The verdict? ... a resounding success. From a personal point of view I found Muscle Moose to be a healthy, tasty dessert - doing you good as well as tasting good; you feel like you are still treating yourself to a dessert at the same time so no guilt needed here! A correctly measured and mixed portion (as stated on the tubs) provides a perfect one person sized portion (28 of my 30 strong sample agreed). You can accompany it with extras (e.g. fruit, nuts, biscuits) or have it by itself. The consistency of the mousse is much easier to palate following exercise than gels or chewy bars (26 of the 30 agreed).

Two reviewers did say that they found it slightly heavy in the stomach but I think that was more from the energy drinks they had during the training session than the mousse that was consumed after! Everyone that tried it (30/30, runners and cyclists and non-exercise friends) all liked the taste of the mousse and agreed that they had an authentic and non-artificial flavour to them.

My own view is that you can't go wrong with this product if you like your desserts and want to maximise your recovery following exercise. It contains a 'scientific blend of strategic timed-release proteins which are formulated to deliver nutrients to the body over a period of hours. Muscle Mousse is fortified with branched chain amino acids for optimum muscular repair benefits and contains pre-biotic inulin to make for a healthy gut and digestive system, therefore optimising protein digestion as well as being associated with boosting the immune system. It contains less than 1.5g of fat per serving'.

When I asked the group if they would prefer a recovery powdered drink, recovery cereal bar or a muscle mousse following a hard workout, 20 said they would like Muscle Mousse again and had been converted, 8 said they would go for the powered drink (as they wouldn't need to carry a spoon - and could ingest it quicker) and two would stick to their tried and tested cereal bars.

So overall, the feedback was extremely positive and I would recommend this product. Muscle Mousse comes in large 1.4kg tubs at a price of £29.99 (on offer, usually £41.99) which may be on the large size for the odd serving but it will save you having to re-order regularly. Genetic Supplements also offer a huge range of nutritional supplements and recovery products and I strongly recommend a visit to their website to check out their range of nutritional options.