19 May

Stryd Into A Powerful Future

StrydPower, the measure of work done over time, has been used to improve cycling training for years. With the Stryd Power Meter, runners can now benefit from this know-how, and learn to control training intensity and fine-tune running technique – and ultimately boost performance.

If you’ve ever gone head-down, all-out, on a long hard hill only to read a super slow KM reading at the top, you’ll be familiar with that slightly deflated feeling. How good would it be if you could make sense of the hard effort you’ve put in?

Created by Stanford educated engineers, Stryd can provide you with the answers and help calculate those effort levels. Backed by some of the biggest names in endurance sports it accurately measures the intensity of training across varied terrains, such as hills, and in doing so unlocks ways for you to improve your running efficiency so you’ll learn to achieve the same outcome (time for a set distance) with a lower watt/kg reading (less effort).
How does it work? Stryd looks and feels like a regular heart rate monitor. Paired with your smartphone or sports watch, the high-tech sensors embedded inside the device monitor your power output in real time. After your run you can analyse your data on the Stryd online platform that links to Garmin Connect and Suunto Movescount. With this feedback, and intelligence on cadence, and impact, you’ll have the tools to train more effectively – and run more efficiently.

Stryd is available in the UK via a network of specialist retailers. For more information visit the Stryd website.