4 Feb

Snow Problem

Snow running

So, the white stuff has begun to arrive. But it need not mean that your running should suffer. Running during winter can provide some of the most invigorating workouts of the year.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as resisting the obvious comforts of a cosy lounge and TV and getting out into the open and running. So, here's some tips to ensure your trainers don't go into hibernation this Winter – and none of them involve tying tennis racquets to your shoes.

Invest in a pair of trail running shoes. They have a little more bite in them than road running shoes and will give you much more traction. They also tend to be more water-proof.

If conditions are a little trickier underfoot, don't be too harsh on yourself. Don't aim to run that same four mile loop in the same time you might in more benign weather. Be kind to yourself and concentrate on good form and style. Try to ensure your foot strike is directly below your hip to maintain good stability.

It's very easy to put on too many layers, but don't laden yourself down with layers. The chill you initially feel as you step outside soon fades. Gloves are a good accessory, so too is a brimmed hat if it is snowing - to keep flakes from your eyes. But for the upper and lower body, imagine the temperature is 10-15 degrees warmer and dress accordingly. You soon warm up running.

A common mistake when the weather cools. But just because the temperature has dipped, doesn't mean you won't sweat. So ensure you are well hydrated prior to a run.

Avoid running on ice or hard-packed snow. For the best grip, run on gritted paths, softer snow (not too deep - where you can safely judge the ground) or frosted grass. You can't beat the satisfying crunch of frost or snow underfoot.



  1. pat cole said...

    Better still - nothing can beat a night time snowy run with a clear sky full of stars and a beautiful full moon!
    Pat-on the Black Isle.