21 Mar

Silva Shines For Evening Runners

Silva Trail Runner Headlamp

The Silva Trail Runner headlamp is a great addition to any runner's kit-bag. The versatile lamp lets you enjoy all your off-road routes during the darker months.

We're all looking forward to the brighter nights but as I look back over the winter months, I'd like to say thank you to a new and special friend. Back in November I wasn't looking forward to the weeks ahead - no evening runs along my favourite canal path route; mid-week runs confined to busy streets.

That dim prospect receded the day the Silva Trail Runner headlamp landed on my desk. That night we headed out for the first time and me and the little fella hit it off right away. He brightened the way ahead and gave me the confidence to get back on my off-road training routes.

The strengths of the Silva Trail Runner headlamp are easily adjustable for different head sizes; lightweight - the product comes in at just 70 grams; comfortable - you soon forget you're wearing it; adjustable beam direction so you can angle immediately in front of you in darker areas or send further out in moonlit or lighter patches.

The headlamp has four varying light settings which are easily interchangeable. The maximum mode emits enough light (a maximum of 45m) for the darkest sections of a route on cloudy nights. The interchangeable light comes in handy when following running etiquette. Early on I nearly blinded an approaching cyclist by the full-beam setting, meaning a quick switch to the minimum setting was required to avoid any collisions.

A word of warning along similar lines, dogs are very wary of the 'light-on-human-head' combination, presumably thinking you are some kind of animate street lamp, so dim or turn the beam away when approaching our canine friends.

I'll be settling the Bright One down soon for his summer hibernation but he'll get a big friendly welcome when he wakes up in October and we resume what has become a very important partnership. The Silva Trail Runner headlamp retails at £60.