14 Nov

Silva Runner Lights The Way

Silva runner

Silva is a a leading brand in the world of head torches and now they've introduced a premium lightweight product that provides everything a runner could want to light the way ahead. Reviewer Russell Whittington put the new Silva Runner through its paces.

As the hours in which we can run are reduced, a head torch can be a great way to increase visibility and safety during the dark mornings and evenings.

The Silva runner is a lightweight head torch with a lot of power. Without the rechargeable battery pack the torch and strap weigh 67g and when the battery pack is added it weighs 190g. The battery pack can be fastened to the elasticated head strap, but there is also an extension cable that allows you to put the battery pack in your pocket or a backpack. I preferred to run with the battery pack attached to the head strap, but all options worked well and were convenient ways of running with light without feeling hindered in any way.

The torch is fitted with a large button that is easily pressed to change functions even with gloves on. The first option puts the torch on full beam which give 90 metres of visibility, pressing it a second time puts the two LEDs in minimum mode which gives a range of 55 metres, pressing the button a third time switches the top 'floodlight' LED on and the bottom one off and a fourth press starts the cycle again.

I found that the minimum setting was good enough for most running in dimly lit areas and the full beam was only necessary for very dark runs.

The battery lasts for 10 hours each time it is charged and when it gets down to 20% power it flashes every 5 seconds to let you know that it needs to be re-charged.

Another useful feature is a sensor that measures the temperature of the head torch. If it gets too hot it automatically reduces the power to the LEDs.

There are cheaper head torches available that will do an adequate job, but if you are looking for a bit more quality, light weight and comfort the Silva runner is an excellent choice.