11 Nov

Seasoned Runner

Autumn running

I had a thrilling yomp through a country park on Sunday morning. There was a light breeze, cool temperature, sprinkling of rain, puddles, muddy patches, hungry, pushy ducks and piles and piles of brown leaves. Is there a greater way to enjoy autumn? If there is, then I have yet to find it.

For me there is no greater way to really experience the changing of the seasons than running. Here are my five top seasonal running experiences. What are yours?
5. A morning beach run in summer.
Mid-morning can be too hot to run in summer. But with the early sunrise offers extra hours to run. A great time to get out is early morning and – if you live near a coastal resort – a great chance to hit the beach before the tourists arrive in force. A workout on the sand can also really strengthen the lower leg muscles.    
4. A snowy winter run
If it is not too treacherous and with the right clothing a footwear, a run in the snow can be exhilarating. Who can resist crunching the first footprints on a virgin stretch of snow? 
3. A spring morning run
The birds tweet that little brighter and the trees have begun to blossom – nature awakens in spring. I always feel slightly more tuned in to nature when running too. A mid-morning spring run on a well- chosen trail can be deeply rewarding.
2. A run through the autumn leaves 
Autumn offers a cool environment perfect for running. It is a great chance to get off-road with the ground softened by rain, but not yet the muddiness of winter. It can also be a feast of colours before the trees fully shed their leaves.  
1. Mid-summer evening run
When the evening sun extends towards 9pm at the peak of summer, it gives runners an extended window to run. With the sun setting, but enough light to run safely, an evening summer run is one of life’s true joys.