22 Jun

Make It Memorable

FlossyThese days anyone who is fundraising is likely doing so online. That is, making use of one of the many fundraising websites that allow people to donate money digitally. No need for a paper sponsor form these days! But how can you make sure that your fundraising page is effective and has the desired effect of gleaning as much money from your supporters as possible? Here we look at five ways you can enhance the success of your fundraising page.

Tell Your Story
Now is not the time to be coy, tell the world why you are taking on your personal challenge – be that a 5K or ultra marathon. Be honest and open about your reasons for running for the charity, if you have a personal experience then share it – people are far more likely to donate money when they hear about ways in which a particular charity helped you or someone close to you.

Tell people how you are going to be challenged by your chosen event and that their donations will help to inspire you to keep going when the training gets tough. Images also help to personalise your pleas for donations. One of yourself and perhaps also one of the person (or people) who have inspired you to run.

Using Video
Take this idea one step further and use video. Video allows your audience to connect with you on a deeper, more emotional level. Including a link on your fundraising page to a video on a video sharing platform, will work effectively to compel your potential sponsors to click ‘donate’.

Someone who knows the benefits of creating video content is Rob Molloy who ran the 2014 London Marathon in aid of Evelina Children’s Hospital as a thank you for caring for his daughter Flossie when she was born a year earlier with a life-threatening and rare congenital heart defect - transposition of the great arteries. He says: “Creating a video really helped to boost my total. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter and it just snowballed from there. ‘Flossie’s Story’ currently has more then 6,500 views on YouTube, many of which resulted in donations to my page.”

Rob’s advice is to aim for as many views as possible: “Get friends to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘tweet’ links to the video to widen the pool of donation possibilities. By tugging on those heartstrings you will see the money come rolling in.”

Create Regular Content
If you’re a little camera shy but have a way with words, you could try blogging about your efforts instead. Uploading photos onto Flickr or other image sharing websites such as Instagram, is also a good way of adding colour to your campaign and getting people interested. By creating content and posting links to that content on your fundraising site you will encourage people to be more interested and engaged in your cause and campaign. Content fundraising also helps you rank higher on search engines and builds credibility when you are looking for donations outside your circle of friends/family members.

Show The Metrics
A ‘totaliser’ tends to be a standard visual on most fundraising pages, but it is an important part of their success. Showing people what your monetary goal is, and how close you are to achieving it is a great way to allow donors to see how they can make a difference. You might also want to consider including a second metric indicator on your page and tell potential donors what can £50, £100, £1000 can do for your charity. Emphasising the point that by donating to your page they are making a difference to someone’s life and showing them how, is a strong and effective tool.

Support ThePage With Social Media
More than half of Justgiving’s traffic comes from Facebook where fundraisers can more easily ask their friends and colleagues for donations online, so it goes without saying that using your social media networks is a key part to having a successful page. If you have created a video – share it, widely. If you have a blog about your endeavours - tell people about it, religiously. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself, nor to ask friends and family for their help in getting your story ‘out there’ in the social network.

You can support Evelina Children’s Hospital here.