29 Jun

Log Off and Jog On

Running Man

Perhaps I am out of step with my fellow endurance enthusiasts, but I cannot really get into the technology revolution.

Maybe I’m just entering that grumpy old man phase of my life, but I have never owned a GPS, heart rate monitor or signed up for any running social network. ‘Miserable old git’, I wouldn’t blame you for saying.

It’s just that one of the major appeals of running for me is actually getting away from all that. It’s precious time away from the smartphone, email, Facebook, Netflix or any other screen time that dominates modern life. Running is liberating.

It’s about getting the heart pumping, gulping the fresh air, stretching the legs and feeling the burn. A GB athlete, who I know quite well, told me that she runs “from the gut”. She also foregoes any techy support aids and runs with freedom and instinct. I get that.

I know many runners and cyclists who cannot leave the house without their devices and the rich data it spews out.

Isn’t the simple joy of running enough? And how do you ever know your true potential if you are guided by technology?

From my point of view a heart rate monitor or even a GPS is setting a bar for you that might actually be below your own potential. So why even set the bar? If you really want to test yourself, then just try your damn hardest.

I also think this approach brings you more in tune with your body. I feel like a I truly know when I am in good shape and not in good shape, when it’s good day for a long run, when I should think about resting or cross training.

So, please don’t tell me about your segment PB, I won’t be retweeting it.