25 Jan

Chill Out with Thoosa

Ladies running brand Thoosa have just launched their 2010 collection, with some fantastic additions to their (already highly successful) categories; Swift, City and Chill. The Swift range is made up of a runner's core essentials while the City range has been designed for the more modest and stylish runner to feel comfortable in an urban setting. The aptly named Chill range is made with bamboo charcoal fabric, ideal for winter running and so with the UK's weather seemingly stuck in a mini ice age at the moment, Angela Hibbs put two new items from the Chill range (tights and jacket) to the test...

thoosa chill tights

Thoosa Chill Tights
Thoosa have managed to produce one of the most comfortable pairs of running tights I have ever worn; providing my muscles with plenty of support, but not so much to make them 'on the tight side'. The feel of the tights is lovely, thanks to a very soft fabric with no sneaky seams hidden inside to rub and cause discomfort. The reflective strip running along the lower calf zip and the white thread that runs up the outside of both legs is a nice subtle detail on the tight's charcoal colour.

The Chill Tights have a very useful zip pocket on the back which is a good size for ipod, keys, some coins or any essentials that you need to keep secure on your run. Around the ankles is a rubber cuff which helps to grip the sock and stops cold air from sneaking up the legs. I found that the leg length was particularly generous, in my experience many full length running tights are not quite full length, leaving a two inch gap between tights and socks which can lead to dry skin and chafing from the back zip - neither of these issues are a problem with the Thoosa tights.

Overall I was highly impressed with Thoosa's Chill Tights, from the amazingly soft feel to the flexible range of movement they allowed. I felt very comfortable in them when I was running, in the gym cross training or doing free weights. I would strongly recommend them!

thoosa chill jacket

Thoosa Chill Jacket
The first thing that struck me with Thoosa's Chill Jacket was the colour! What a fantastic blue, a sure way to brighten up those cold days when an extra layer is needed for your run. Similar to the tights, when I put the top on I was impressed with the feel of the fabric which is soft and body-hugging. The sleeve length is great, long enough to cover most of the hands, keeping those digits nice and warm!

The jacket also has some great features to it, two very well positioned pockets on either side of the main zip are perfect for ease of access when running; they are also of a good size to fit keys and coins, cereal bar or jelly beans to accompany you on your run!

The length of the jacket is ideal, sitting below the hip line means that is provides some extra warmth right down the body (I have found many tops finish on the hips and do not prevent cold drafts of wind from getting in). The jacket provided a perfect extra warm layer and could be worn under a thicker jacket in the depths of winter or as an outer layer when things start to warm up, so it really is incredibly versatile.

Overall, I believe that Thoosa have done a great job in providing extremely comfortable yet practical running gear for women and I look forward to using their running apparel in the future.

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