4 Apr

A Fun 5K

Glasgow Running Network 5K runners

With the Glasgow Women's 10K just 6 weeks away, this race spy decided to put her training to the test and take part in Sunday's 5K Fun Run in Bellahouston Park organised by the Glasgow Running Network.

Clearly a fairweather runner, on seeing the glorious morning sunshine hubby decided at the last minute that he would take part as well. His decision meant I was down one (my only) supporter, but that was ok - it meant we would have something to talk about over Sunday lunch! The registration process was quick and easy, and allocation of timing chips equally so. There were plenty of excited faces in the Palace of Art and most runners had chosen to wear their distinctive green 'memento' t-shirts which certainly added to the fun and friendly atmosphere.

After a short wait - where hubby was pleased to sample a couple of the free biscuits on offer, it was outside to the hockey pitches to begin the warm up. This was a fun, 15 minute aerobics class; I was in my element while hubby resembled a new foal, struggling to make his legs work in tandem. There was plenty of space to mambo and grapevine meaning this warm up felt effective and definitely got the blood pumping - a real highlight for race spy!

And so to the start line - hubby was under direct instructions to run at his own pace and so off he bounded - testosterone fuelled and ready to 'impress'! Having been promised a 'flat course' by an experienced colleague I was looking forward to a relatively leisurely jog in the park. But about 2km in, I realised this was not the case. The course offered its fair share of inclines and these uphill sections did seem never-ending at times! I wondered if this was simply the thoughts of a mediocre runner who normally goes out of her way to avoid even the smallest of incline - but hubby backed it up with his first words as I crossed the finish line: "Flat? My A***!"

That said, what goes up must come down, and the downhill sections were great opportunities to up the pace and adopt some of hubby's competitive mental attitude!

The piper stationed around the 3k mark was welcome, as were the spectators on hand to offer shouts of encouragement and applause. The finish line in sight, I was looking forward to finding out how long hubby had been waiting and how many free bananas he had managed to devour! In the end he was about 8 minutes faster - the better runner, but at least now I know who would win an aerobics showdown!

The race was won by Shazad Hakeem in 00:17:37, the first female was Lynne McPhee in 00:21:17. Mid-point runner was Heather Crichton in 00:31:54. You can check out all the results here.

All in all, this was a fantastic, well-organised event that will now be a firm fixture in this race spy's spring diary.