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Type 2 Fun Run

Welcome to the Type II Fun Run. This is an ultra race like no other.

Runners will race from the start to the finish, but the distances covered and the route taken will vary between each competitor. A combination of mandatory and optional checkpoints will dot the region between (and we use the term "between" loosely) the start and finish, each worth an amount of points relevant to its difficulty. Racers will not win by getting across the finish line first; in fact, the time is nearly irrelevant. All racers have to finish the course before 30 hours is over, but arriving early will offer no advantage in the standings. The race is won by points collected. Solid navigation and strategy are key. Note that we haven't mentioned the distance. That part is your problem. (**PLEASE NOTE SRG requires a distance, so we've entered 85km which is the minimum distance required for completion)

The Type II Fun Run is entirely self-supported. Runners will need to carry sufficient equipment to survive in the wild and complete the run safely. There will be mandatory as well as suggested kit that runners must carry at all times. No outside assistance is permitted. There are no feed stations, we won't set up your tent for you, we won't point you in the right direction, and we certainly won't pop your blisters for you. Only the experienced are encouraged to apply, and only the intrepid will make it.

This is designed to be an unsupported challenge - none of the usual luxury experience some ultra runners may be used to. There will be no drop zones, route marshals, course markings, or pacers. Even the spectators will mostly be virtual dot-watchers. You are more than welcome (and expected) to come to the finisher’s party in your muddy, sweaty, disgusting running gear, but just in case you wanted something nice to wear on the train home, there will be a place to store (small) luggage.

What we will provide:

A map of checkpoints and their point values.
Start line race briefing with clarification of the race rules and kit checks.
A kickass finishers party, complete with beer and prizes.
Complete Komoot packages to help you navigate (worth £29.99)
Our sincerest condolences that you signed up for this.

Race dateSaturday 31st August 2019
Starting time10:00am
VenueBraemar, Aberdeenshire
Entry fee£80.00
PrizesPrizes on offer include Montane Trailblazer packs, some FINDRA, Stance Socks, Whisky, and other swag. The categories are pretty different - there will be a prize for first, but also for great adventure stories, a photography competition, and for mini challenges like KOMs/QOMs within the race.
OrganiserJenny Tough + Philip Coupar
Event websiteVisit website

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