20 Nov

Yummy Running

Jayne and Bibi Rodgers

Bibi and Jayne Rodgers are the mother and daughter duo behind the popular running blog, Veggie Runners. Here they tell us about running together, their favourite routes and events; as well as the role of food in their running lives...

Running Together

J: I spent over a decade trying to persuade Bibi to run with me but, in typical teen fashion, she would have nothing to do with it. Little by little, her interest piqued - she's gone from strength to strength and now she's even signed up to run the Yorkshire marathon with me!

B: If I had been told even three years ago that I'd be doing a marathon this year, I'd have laughed my head off. Those first jogs around the park with mum were the opposite of fun. Now, I can't imagine my life without it and find myself arranging my holidays around races.

Where We Run

J: I live in Leeds city centre, which sounds grim until you realise the canal goes in one direction and the river in the other. It's gorgeous (and flat, of course) - you're in open country in no time.

B: I live on a different river, but know the same feeling. I have some favourite trail runs along the Tees. The miles seem to zip by when I have to leap over tree roots and boggy puddles. Dashing down a bank without breaking my stride is exhilarating - I always have a daft smile on my face when I get home.

How We Run

We really, really love running and take it quite seriously. We're not always Garmin-ready and obsessed with splits and PBs though. Sometimes we'll do races for just for the hell of it - like the Pain Barrier 10K, which was a horrific but entertaining mud bath that took almost 2 hours, or the Color Run 5K, which has just arrived in the UK from the States Everyone wears white and runs around amiably chucking paint at each other. We won't get a good time but we know we'll have a great fun.

The Family That Blogs Together

We started Veggie Runners because we couldn't find anything like it. We love running but don't always want to follow training plans and we love cooking but don't want a 'dietary regime'. We just wanted a website with delicious food to fuel our running well - we discovered to get that we'd have to write about it ourselves!

Bibi and Jayne after the EMF

Racing Disasters

J: Last year at Blenheim half marathon we got stuck in traffic and were half an hour late for the start. At least there were no jostling crowds when we finally got running! Edinburgh half marathon this year was too hot and Bibi hit a wall half way through (she's smiling happily in the post-race photo though, probably glad it was all over!)

Our Running Calendar

We have loads of great races lined up. We're doing Leeds 10K, the Great North Run and the Yorkshire Marathon for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. We love to try new races so we'll squeeze others in too. Having run the West Highland Way last year (96 miles of beauty and torment!), we have a special fondness for running in Scotland - the River Ness 10K sounds fab and, who knows, maybe we'll see the monster. It's the first Bournemouth Marathon Festival in early October so we'll go down and do one of the races there too.

Dream Race

We went on a road trip round the southern States 10 years ago and would love to return to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon. And we're eyeing up the Marathon Du Medoc - wine tasting and fine food throughout the course - a must for every bon viveur runner as a once-in-a-lifetime race.


We love to get creative with our carb loading. Barlottos (risottos made with barley) are brilliant - really tasty and there is no faffing about with all that stirring like with regular risottos. Yum!

Post-Run Recovery

After races, we always have peanut butter and jam bagels in our backpacks - great for getting some easily digested protein ASAP. When we get home, we have our 100% guaranteed recovery brunch, Poached Egg and Curried Chick Peas on toast - delicious and absolutely foolproof. No aches, pains or 3-day DOMS after eating this. Promise!

Treat Food

We're not averse to treat food and apparently no one else is either! One of the most popular recipes on Veggie Runners is our Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. Sounds outrageous but it's made with Greek yoghurt and agave syrup so it's actually almost good for you (healthier than regular cheesecake anyway, and tastes even better).


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