20 Sep

Your Mile Challenge

Your Mile Challenge medal

Looking for motivation this October?
Do you walk, run, walk-run, cycle or swim? Then why not sign up for a distance challenge for the month of October and get a medal for your efforts!
Choose your distance from 1 mile per day (31 miles for October) 50 or 100 miles. Then get out there and do your thing! You get to decide how you will get those miles and when.
Log your miles as you go and at the end of the month after you have submitted your evidence, the October Your Mile Challenge medal will be on its way to you!
It couldn’t be simpler.
You will get weekly emails and ongoing messages to motivate you and there is encouragement from other challengers on our Facebook page and inside our Strava Club.

Your Mile Challenge logoChest, Heart & Stroke Scotland are our nominated charity and not only will you be choosing to keep or become more active, you will also be helping to support lives affected by life changing illness.
Make sure you get your October medal, sign up today at the event website.