1 Mar

Your Chance To Defy Gravity

Alter G

Has there ever been a point when you have caught a glimpse of the leading pack in a 10k race and thought they, in relation to your ambling and uncoordinated strides, were simply running on air? Well, the prospect of seeing something akin to this should not seem so remote as this weekend will see Dion Harrison, the 2008 amateur world triathlon champion, demonstrating AlterG's new anti-gravity treadmill at the Triathlon Show in Surrey.

Originally developed in the US by NASA and tested at Nike's Oregon Research Project by America's top distance runners, the AlterG treadmill uses differential air pressure that can 'un-weight' up to 80% of a person's body weight. This anti-gravity feature allows athletes stable support when rehabilitating from injury and can also be used to improve speed.

Dion Harrison commented: "I first used the Alter G treadmill to increase my speed on interval work. One session a week over a 10 week block brought my half marathon PB, within an half Ironman, down from 1:18 to 1:15." He continued: "In August 2011 I returned to use the Alter G as a rehabilitation tool for an achilles injury. It has enabled me to start running again which has been a hugely beneficial part of the rehab process."

Dion will be giving an AlterG demonstration with Q and A on Saturday, March 3, at 4pm at the Triathlon Show in Sandown Park, Portsmouth Road, Surrey. For more information, visit the AlterG website.


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