1 Jul

You Cani Beat It

Runner with huskey

As running with a canine companion becomes an increasingly popular activity in Scotland, the Edinburgh Cani Sport Group is offering runners in the city the chance to introduce a competitive element to it. The group is holding an introductory session for the sport in Vogrie Park at 10am on 10 August as part of the Vogrie Walking Festival.

There are plans for further sessions around the country. The sessions aim to give people the chance to try out the sport with a view to entering a 5-7k trail competition in the near future. There are several Cani Cross groups throughout the country and regular competitions from autumn through to spring. The sport involves running with your dog attached to your waist via a bungee line and wearing a harness. Almost any breed of dog can compete, providing it is over a year old. You can usually borrow a harness from a local group. Other than that, you just need your running kit.

Jane Irvine from Cani-Sports Edinburgh said: "It's a great way to increase running speeds, and to access good competitive 5-7k trail running competitions. It's also a great way to exercise and do team work with your dog. Dogs need to work with you for both owner and dog to run best, but most dogs pick it up quickly and trails are then open for you to choose."

For more information check out Cani-Sports Edinburgh on Facebook. For formal introductory sessions check out the Cani Fit website.