27 Jul

Wynne Wynne Wynne Situation

There was triple success for the Wynne family at the Edinburgh Spartan event on 22 July. The three brothers took the top three places in the Competitive Beast race – an incredible achievement made even more impressive by that fact it was their first ever Spartan race.

Over 4,500 runners took to the hills in the treacherous conditions to test will power and washing machines. Situated in Midlothian, the Scottish leg of the race series is well known for being the toughest and most demanding. But it wasn’t just the adults who took part as the Junior Race flourished, with mini Spartans taking on the obstacles. 

Undoubtedly, the most sensational story emerging from the day was the achievements of the Irish brothers.

Youngest brother Brian (33) took first place in 3:20:50, while Ricki (34) followed just over 20 minutes later. Eldest brother Alan (36) finished third, clocking a time of 3:44:43.

“It was back in November that we decided to sign up for the Spartan Race,” Ricki told runABC Scotland.

“Previously we had done Tough Mudder but this was our first Spartan. We just love being outdoors and are so into this type of event."

Brian’s victory in the race was made even more impressive by the fact he is only 4ft 11 and weighs just 45kg.

“Some of the items we were carrying weighed that,” Ricki laughed.

“The event was brilliant, some of the hills were crazy – to be honest I would do it all again right now. We couldn’t believe that we managed to all finish in the top-three and now we are looking to do as many of this type of event as possible.

“We are all so competitive and our experience in Edinburgh will only push us on to do more.”

Full results from the Spartan Edinburgh event are available on our race listings page.