12 Nov

Women Need Support In Marathon

Women need to firmly get their busts under control before embarking on any run, but particularly a distance as great as the 26.2 miles of the London marathon. Research at Portsmouth University has shown that the average breast moves 144 metres under their own steam. This movement is painful and can cause irreversible damage to the bust through the stretch of the ligaments that hold the bust up.

Pink Sports Bra, Less Bounce

Not only do women need a good sports bra for training and for the race, but they need to be aware that a sports bra needs replacing. The average sports bra only lasts 30-40 washes, which equates to about 3 bras per pair of running trainers. Signs that your sports bra needs replacing are an increased movement of the bust, chafing, fabric piling and any other noticeable change to the fabric

LessBounce, the online retailer, has now launched a marathon club for any ladies running London Marathon in 2010. It is free to join and includes a training programme, discounts on all purchases from LessBounce as well as a goody bag at the Marathon Expo. Selaine Saxby, Proprietor of LessBounce says "Many ladies do not realise the importance of a good sports bra when exercising, or that they are causing permanent and irreversible damage by running without one?"

For more information about the Marathon Club please email admin@lessbounce.com or call 01980 671305.