6 Jan

Winter Running Boosts Weight Loss

running in the snow

Studies undertaken by Jack Wilson, lead physiologist at Porsche Human Performance, have shown running outdoors in cold weather can lead to higher weight loss. Wilson has teamed up with the organisers of the Winter Run Series, Human Race, to find out why running in the winter might have a more positive impact.

Early studies have shown that outdoor exercise, such as running, during winter could be highly beneficial due to its effect on our brown adipose tissue, otherwise known as brown fat. It was widely believed that brown fat disappeared after infancy, however it has recently been discovered that adolescents and adults do still have substantial deposits.

Brown fat, when regularly exposed to the cold, is activated and begins to burn up our calorie and fat reserves in order to keep us warm. Running outside during the winter could therefore be a great way to increase brown fat activity and the resulting increased energy expenditure could lead to weight loss.