14 Jan

Wining Mentality

MedocA new wine-themed 10k is to be held in Glasgow on 24 September. TeamOA, who organise the Wineathlon, are still finalising the route which is described as an ‘easy trail’.

Each participant is entitled to a single sample of wine at a number of stops along the route although anyone who tries to steal an extra drink will be disqualified! Bottles of wine will be available to buy after the race for a minimum of £7.50.

Wane Law from TeamOA said: "We want to put the fun back into running and prove that you don't have to be an elite race snake.

"We've run previous events and the people who are doing the races are not diehard runners, it's people bringing picnic blankets and making a day of it.

"We are capping entries at 600 this year to ensure we can run a safe event and it means people will be desperate to take part next year."

Due to the nature of the race, only runners over age of 18 will be accepted. ID may also be requested. Team OA will also be hosting events in Yorkshire, Durham, Worcester, Cambridge and North Wales. For more information go to the Wineathlon website.