30 Aug

Wineathlon Set To Be Scrapped

PieathlonOrganisers of the Wineathlon 10K, due to be held in Stirlingshire on 24 September, look set to ditch the idea after this year, concentrating instead on bringing their food-themed Pieathlon and Chocathlon events to Scotland.

The Wineathlon will see participants offered a 20ml sample of wine at two stops. The event was originally intended to be held in Glasgow but was moved to Stirlingshire following protests from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde over the alcohol theme. Forestry Commission Scotland has given permission for the fun run to take place in Carron Valley Forest.

Wane Law from organisers Team OA claims his company has been misrepresented since announcing the event: “We feel as if we are being portrayed as some English company that has come up to destroy Glasgow. The alcohol laws in Scotland are so different. In hindsight, looking back Glasgow has such a problem with alcohol and we weren't aware of that at the time.

"We won't be bringing the Wineathalon back to Scotland. However, we will be bringing the Chocathlon and Pieathlon. Our aim was to host a fun event and raise money for charity. The original plan was to have it in a Glasgow park. We originally had six locations in mind in the central belt but five of them have pulled out. It's not the event we had planned but it's going ahead."


  1. Viv said...

    There was no misrepresentation. A Glasgow Wineathlon was announced then entries were opened so that organisers could get the money in but they had nothing in place, apart from the wine. It was implied that the race venue would be close to a train station. I read that when people found out the race was being run in the middle of nowhere, the organisers refused to give refunds until a newspaper got involved. More fool those who gave the organiser their money when entries opened, but when venue was announced it was not "close to Glasgow" so entrants were possible legally entitled to a refund.

  2. Kevin said...

    Wineathlon, chocathlon, pieathlon... What's next, a cigathlon? Just stop it, please. Let's concentrate on proper races, without the gimmicks.

  3. Viv said...

    And they were very quickly aware of Glasgow' s alcohol problem. The Great Glasgow Wineathlon facebook page shared an article from the Evening Times in which the author quotes some statistics about the issue. Team OA are a bunch of chancers.