7 Aug

Teacher comes home to a surprise after 200-mile run

A Fife ultrarunner taking on a spectacular challenge for charity last week received the best post race memento ever – a new baby. Chris Sim had just returned from his four-day, 200-mile journey from Milngavie to Fort William and back again on the West Highland Way – with a climb up Ben Nevis for good measure – when his wife Kerryann went into labour, weeks earlier than expected. 

By this point, Chris had been on the move for nearly 100 hours and enjoyed just five hours of sleep over the full course of his run.

Chris, 34, a teacher at Dunfermline High School, said: “I had been running for so long and I was so pleased to get home and lie down. I passed out on our bed feeling totally drained and exhausted.

“But before I could get any proper sleep Kerryann told me her waters had broken. That same day, our baby daughter came into the world. I can’t think of a better trophy for finishing a run.”

Mum Kerryann had mixed emotions about the timing. She said: “I felt so bad when I had to wake up Chris but I am so relieved he had finished his charity challenge first. We are definitely looking forward to telling Ada this story when she’s older.”

Chris conceived of his feat, which he called the WHW 200, as a way to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), a charity close to his heart. 

He explained: “My brother and sister have both suffered mental health problems. My brother has had depression and my sister had post-natal psychosis. I want to show people that there are many ways to improve how you feel. One way is to exercise and I know how much running can improve your feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Since starting to fundraise for mental health charities six years ago, Chris has run 33 marathons and ultra marathons and raised thousands of pounds.

To make your own donation, search “WHW 200 with SAMH” on Facebook or visit justgiving.com/fundraising/chris-sim2

Image courtesy Chris Sim/Facebook