11 Apr

When Bryan Met Freya

Freya Murray with Bryan Burnett

The story of GB marathon hopeful Freya Murray's fight for a place at this summer's Olympics is the subject of a special BBC Radio Scotland programme being broadcast next Monday afternoon (April 16). Bryan Burnett himself an enthusiastic runner travelled to Murray's training camp in Boulder, Colorado where she is putting the finishing touches to her marathon plan under the guidance of former marathon world record holder, Steve Jones.

As a strictly amateur marathon runner, Bryan makes some interesting discoveries as he attempts to find out what it takes to excel at the highest level. Olympic champion and running legend, Frank Shorter has advice for first timers and the programme contains plenty of motivational material for anyone attempting a spring marathon.

Bryan also looks at the disappointments involved in aiming for sport's highest levels highlighting Andrew Lemoncello from St Andrews for whom the marathon was a race too far. Andrew's audio diaries reveal what it feels like not to make the qualifying time.

During the course of the show Bryan hears from two former world record holders, an Olympic marathon champion and Scotland's greatest ever distance runner to discover just what makes a good long distance runner and Olympic medal contender.

Full details at the BBC Radio Scotland website.