11 May

Weather No Obstacle For Womens 10k

Start to Women's 10k in 2011

On Thursday, the Facebook page for the Ignis Asset Management Women's 10k quoted Sir Ranulph Fiennes: "Girls, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." An ominous foreboding perhaps, but the 12,000 women expected to head to Glasgow this Sunday may have to adopt some of the adventurer's steely mentality with rain and strong winds predicted.

Even with the inclement weather, online forums are awash with first-time runners earnestly trying to hide their excitement and race veterans sharing invaluable bits of advice. One runner enquired: "My first time doing it. What do we do if the weathers really bad? Also I'm planning to half walk half run, is that ok?"

Organisers were on hand for guidance, suggesting it was fine to walk half the race, to bring a waterproof jacket and trackies to wear and discard just before starting. With over 10,000 grouped together at the beginning, the first-timer was placated by the fact the start line will be surprisingly warm.

Louise Sylvester, who is taking part in the 10k for the third time, told scottishrunningguide.com: "Although I'm confident I can cover the distance, there's always that nagging doubt I have about the hill that looms at the 6k marker. Once you get over it though, the feeling is fantastic and you know you're on the home straight."

As Louise identifies, the 10k route has one challenging hill at 4 miles as you approach Pollok House. Lorn Pearson, who will be running as a 50 minute pacer at the race, gives a detailed account of the course - with advice on tackling hills - on her blog.

If you are interested in take part, the race office is open today (Friday, May 11) from 8am - 8pm and on Saturday, 9am - 6pm, at Jurys Inn, Glasgow. For all those using public transport, SPT has announced ity will be operating from 8am on Sunday, and runners can use their free vouchers to travel.

Organisers have also put on shuttle buses from Shields Road subway station and Cochrane Street to and from the start of the race. For more information, visit the event website.