30 Mar

We're Only Making Plans for Nigel

"We're only making plans for Nigel" so sang XTC in their 1979 hit single. If only Joe McKnight had followed their lead he would have been £100 richer today and the proud winner of the 2010 Nigel Barge 10k Memorial Road Race.

Joe Loses!

The Nigel Barge is one of Scotland's oldest road races, being run now for more than 60 years, however the route has changed over the years and now starts at Garscube Sports Complex on the northern edge of Glasgow. The undulating route consists of a two lap course, consisting of an internal loop of the grounds before making its way upward onto Bearsden Road, along Dalsholm Road, onto Maryhill Road and back to the sports complex. After the first lap Cambuslang's Robert Gilroy was winning with Inverclyde's Kevin Kane sitting on his shoulder with McKnight, the Garscube Harriers' Captain, a little behind in third spot. However by the eighth kilometre mark, McKnight had made his move and had opened up a lead of some 200 metres on his rivals. He entered the sports complex and was first to cross the finishing line but it was all to go pear shape as he later learned that he had forgotten to run the internal loop before crossing the line and was therefore disqualified. Kane ran the full 10k route to earn gold in a time of 32:24, just three seconds ahead of Gilroy.

Mhairi Duff

Joa Wins!

In a great day for Dumfries Running Club, the 'Doonhamers' took first and second prize in the women's race and collected the women's team race prize too. First home was Joasia Zakrzewski ,who obviously did not leave all her speed behind in the Chile desert, crossing the line in a time of 38:50. Her club mate Mhairi Duff (pictured) earned silver with 39:12 and Bellahouston Road Runner Jane Simpson placed third with 41:08.

After the race Joe McKnight told www.scottishrunningguide.com: "Aw man, I knew I wouldn't be able to live this one down! There was no marshal and I didn't think we had to do the wee extra bit both times. Doh!"

Nigel Barge

The race commemorates Nigel Barge who was killed in action in Dunkirk during World War II. Nigel was an outstanding officer who trained as a Royal Engineer and was killed at Dunkirk. He came top of his class at Woolwich ("The Shop") and had helped prepare and map defences around Dunkirk and had assisted in the repairing of small craft to ensure the debarkation of his comrades. He was also a licensed pilot and a keen athlete. Nigel's father was Kenneth Barge, late of the Bengal Lancers, a member of the committee of Maryhill Harriers. The race has run every year since 1943.

More photos from Ian Goudie


  1. andrew mcnab said...

    I have been watching this with interest. I am no friend of any of the athletes in question. I watched the race and it was between robert and kevin. No idea what happened to the other guy - he was quite a way back as I watched them come through the 5k marker before disappearing again. I am just an interested observer and I really didnt want to comment but I see you have removed Kevin's fairly honest (??) comments but you have left an article that you know to be false. Why would you do this? I like this magazine but I do not think you have dealt with this particular issue very well. It has been adjusted ever so slightly and a photo has been removed but the theme is still the same. I don't want trouble but I do feel for, both, robert and kevin. The story leads with - "If only Joe McKnight had followed their lead he would have been £100 richer today and the proud winner of the 2010 Nigel Barge 10k Memorial Road Race." Can you at keast see Kevin's point?? I hope in future the stories will report as enthusiastically as ever but without the obvious biad and innacurate reporting contained in this instance.
  2. andrew mcnab said...

    I also see you chose to go with "joa wins" for the female race. What about focusing on the girl that finished 3rd, or better still, one that did not complete the course and at no point was in contention? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous ALMOST as ridiculous at the "joe loses" story. I was going to refrain but heavily moderating Kevin's (what I consider) decent comments was a stage too far. If you are going to delete then delete the whole thing? Or just leave it be and accept the consequences. Honestly!! Anyway...... back to my sanny.
  3. Terry Brennan said...

    I agree fully with the point Andrew McNab is making. The reason we have a comments facility in our news section is to generate feedback and I was pleased that Kevin Kane had posted following the original Nigel Barge race report. After Kevin's postings I contacted the race organisers and made the following statement: The Nigel Barge 10k held on Saturday, March 27 ended in controversy when first man over the line, Joe McKnight, found out that he had not completed the full course and that his time would not stand. The race was won by Kevin Kane (32:24) with Robert Gilroy (32:27). The race report posted on scottishrunningguide.com suggests that Joe might have won the race had he not missed out a section of the course. Race organisers have said this was unlikely as Kevin Kane and Robert Gilroy had the race between them from an early stage. scottishrunningguide.com apologises if the suggestion, that Joe McKnight might have won the race if he hadn't mistakenly missed part of the course, caused offence to other runners. Race organisers told scottishrunningguide.com: "There is no suggestion of cheating on the part of any runner however we will look at marshaling arrangements afresh for next year." Unfortunately that statement along with Kevin's postings were removed from the site without the authority of the SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE team by the reporter who compiled the original race report. I had to tighten site security and to review how news is reported on scottishrunningguide.com and also to look at other aspects of how the site is promoted and this is why is has taken 4 days for me to respond to Andrew McNab's posting. I'm obviously embarrassed to be apologising for a second time within a week about how news has been covered on scottishrunningguide.com but SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE is committed to allowing comment on the site even if that comment is critical. I can assure you and visitors to scottishrunningguide.com that comments are welcome, will not be removed (unless abusive) and can hopefully stimulate a good debate about running in Scotland. Terry Brennan publisher - SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE