21 Jun

Wall To Wall Sell Out For Ultra

Hadrian's Wall

Rat Race's most recent addition to the adventure calendar, which will see run alongside Hadrian's Wall, has clearly caught the imagination of endurance enthusiasts with news that the opening event is sold out

Organised over the course of this weekend (June 23 and 24), The race will see 800 participants traversing the frontier of the Roman Empire near to the route of the Wall itself, against a backdrop of Cumbrian and Northumberland landscapes. The 69 mile route starts at Carlisle Castle and finishes at Gateshead Millennium Bridge, featuring both city and countryside over a mixed-terrain route.

The Wall can be attempted either as a two-day challenge - Challenger category - with an overnight camp in the central section of the Hadrian's Wall corridor next to the famous Roman fort of Vindolanda, or in a continuous attempt - 'Expert' category. As the only organised ultra at this World Heritage site, participants will experience special access with certain sections of the route.

Leading up to the race, organisers have posted some route modifications due to waterlogging and flooding along the route. Information on these changes, plus instructions about kit, registration and transport are available on the event website.