28 Aug

Visually Impaired Runner Takes On Men’s 10K

Gus McLeodThe inaugural Edinburgh Men’s 10K will take place on 1 November and for one participant the race is part of an amazing transformation. Gus McLeod, from Lochend, began losing his sight at the age of 26, then, after losing three members of his family in quick succession, ballooned in weight to 19 stone as a result of comfort eating.

He could not see a way back to fitness until he found the Hibs Community Foundation, a group who helped him turn his life around. Members of the group help guide him as he runs. He explains why he chose to join: “One of my friends asked if I would come along and I said ‘Yes, I need to do something about the way I am feeling.’”
The father-of-three had no idea just how much the group would transform his life as he managed to shed three-and-a-half stone. Through this process, Gus has completed various obstacle courses and the Edinburgh Marathon. He has started dedicating his sporting achievements to the memory of his late loved ones as extra motivation. 
Gus will soon be offering another dedication as he takes on the Men’s 10K in Edinburgh on Sunday 1 November, just ahead of International Men’s Day.The route begins on the Royal Mile and finishes at Murrayfield Stadium. Gus said of the event: “That’s a big one and I really want to do it for my two brothers.”
Event director, Neil Kilgour, said: “The Men’s 10K plays such an important role in Scotland, inspiring thousands of men of all ages and abilities to get that little bit fitter. Running a 10k is a great challenge for anyone whether they are just starting out or already take part in regular sport. The benefits of exercise are universally accepted, but in the UK, we quite simply don’t do enough of it.
“Everyone saw how Scotland got behind last year's Commonwealth Games, but watching sport is not enough. Every runner taking part in the Men's 10K can expect a taste of that brilliant, supportive atmosphere. So we say to Scotland's men stop saying “I could” “maybe” and “I might”: take control of your life and create some positive change”.
To find out more visit the event website.