2 Apr

UK Runner Sets Another World Record

Sharon Gayter

UK endurance runner Sharon Gayter has added another Guinness world record to her impressive CV by completing her journey across Ireland. Sharon successfully finished her End-2-End Run in 4 days, 1 hour and 39 minutes, which is a massive 21 hours faster than the previous record. Beginning from Mizen Head in County Cork on Saturday (March 24), the endurance athlete ran to Ireland's most northerly point Malin Head in Donegal. The distance between the two points is 345 miles, meaning Sharon averaged just under 90 miles per day during her End-2-End challenge.

Buoyed by the fact she managed to cover 300 miles in four days, Sharon is said to have enjoyed a healthy meal of sausage and chips before the final day of running. A recent post on her website suggested Sharon and her team were overjoyed but also exhausted: "We celebrated with champagne before snatching an hour's sleep."

The End-2-End run is the second Guinness world record the endurance runner has set in just over three months. In December, Sharon eclipsed Lee Chamberlain's record for running on a treadmill over the course of 7 days, covering 517.33 miles.