22 Nov

UK Athletics Recruit Salazar

Alberto Salazar

Alberto Salazar, the coach credited with transforming Mo Farah's training programme in the lead up to London 2012, will take up a consultancy role with UK Athletics from next year. Salazar will act as a special advisor to British endurance coaches with the hope of replicating Farah's success for future middle and long-distance runners.

The move has been made possible due to UK Athletics switching their kit sponsors to Nike from Adidas. Salazar, as coach of the Nike Oregon Project, was therefore previously unable to take up a position with the federation. An established runner, Salazar won the New York City Marathon on three successive occasions (1980-82) and boasts a 13:11 over 5k.

His remit will, according to The Telegraph, be purely advisory rather than 'hands on', with Salazar offering expertise in areas such as devising training programmes and managing injuries. UK Athletics are also hoping Salazar will be able to pass on his experience to home-based coaches. Official confirmation is expected from UK Athletics over the forthcoming weeks.

With Farah looking to make the transition to marathon distance in time for London 2014, Salazar has been working closely with the runner to modify his 'bouncy' form. Salazar revealed: "We feel with Mo that as he moves towards the marathon we have to change his form. Whenever you change form, it's obviously a little risky but already, within four weeks of working with Mo and giving him more of a marathon form with not so much bobbing and going up and down, he's already more efficient with his new form than he was with the old."