11 Jun

The Secret Of My Sock-cess


A new type of sock is revolutionising football and could be set to do the same for running. TruSox, worn by many top players including Gareth Bale, Demba Ba and Victor Moses, ensure a firm grip between the shoe and the sock, avoiding slippage and friction which can lead to blisters.

Stephen McCranot from Greaves Sports on Gordon Street in Glasgow, spoke to scottishrunningguide.com about how staff realised the socks could be beneficial to runners: "Despite being designed for footballers, the guys in our running department cottoned on to the fact that this would be a pretty smart idea for runners too and we transferred some stock to the running dept. Since then, they’ve been flying off the shelf with our running clientele really feeling the benefits. We’ve had lots of good feedback.

"It shows the benefits I guess of being a multi-sport specialist, the ability to cross-fertilise and introduce best practice from one sport to another.  

"If you look closely next time you’re watching a game on TV, you’ll probably notice a few footballers with a contrasting white sock over their team sock, usually it’s TruSox."
To view the TruSox products available, go to the Greaves website.