15 Nov

Travis Star Healy Takes On Relay

Fran Healy

Travis frontman Fran Healy has just finished recording the band's seventh studio album in Norway. Whilst there, he managed to find time to go running as he prepares to take part in a relay marathon on Sunday (18 November). The race is being held in Berlin where Fran now lives and is to raise funds for his son's school, Berlin Bilingual, to buy sports equipment.

The singer spoke to scottishrunningguide.com about the event: "It's taking place in Tempelhof where the old airport in Berlin used to be. It's now a massive park with running tracks and other sporting facilities. There are four teams of five entering the marathon and in each team one person does 12k, two do 10k and another person does 5k. I volunteered to do the 12k which I can do in about an hour so I'm feeling pretty confident."

Fran revealed that recording on the secluded island of Giske provided a great location for running: "It's such a beautiful place, so I went running there a few times and managed 17k on two occasions, which is the longest I've ever run. Afterwards I went into the sea to cool down and release the lactic acid, which was a bit like having an ice bath."

He also spoke about running as a youngster in Glasgow: "I ran with the Bellahouston Harriers as a kid, mainly in the 800m. When I joined the band I stopped running as much and started drinking and smoking more, but it's something I've got back into in the last 10 years. My son saying, 'Papa, you're getting a jelly belly' helped motivate me.

"It'd be great if we could raise some money through this event as the school could really use some sports equipment."

You can sponsor Fran through PayPal by sending the money to sponsorfranslegs@yahoo.com. For more information on Berlin Bilingual School, visit their website.