1 Mar

Tough Mum Takes On Treacherous Run

Francesca EyreFrancesca Eyre, owner of Morzine-based chalet business Chilly Powder, decided to head for slightly warmer climes last November to take on the 220K Manaslu Trail Race in Nepal in memory of her late mother, brother and sister. The mother of three completed the race in 17th place overall, finishing as the fourth placed women.

She said afterwards: “I was really scared before I started the event.  I was running with some really amazing athletes but luckily I have an advantage over mountain terrain and endurance. The race took place across a few days, so completing 30km to be followed by a further 42m was knackering, especially in the heat!”

Despite being injured, Francesca explains how the race itself kept her motivated: “Trail running requires a lot of concentration and because I’m quite new to the sport I didn’t focus too much on keeping myself motivated as I was constantly thinking about where to put my feet, how to balance my body and use my strength. But when I needed it, the stunning view kept me going, the whole race was just beautiful.”

Francesca describes how her experiencing remote local communities was her highlight of the race: “We ran through these little villages that haven’t changed in thousands of years, they still have no phones or electricity. The kids in these areas are now being educated but their parents have no reading or writing skills at all.  Seeing what we saw was really humbling.”

After completing the Manaslu Trail Race, Francesca raised over £5,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust: “I do so much sport because my brother and sister never could. I’m breathing for them.”

To donate to Francesca’s cause, visit her Just Giving page.