7 May

Total Warrior Comes To Scotland

Total WarriorObstacle race series Total Warrior comes to Scotland for the first time on 12-13 September. The event will see thousands of competitors head from Edinburgh city centre to the seaside harbour town of North Berwick. 

Participants, or 'Warriors' as they're also known, will have the option of a 12k course on either the Saturday or Sunday. Some hardcore Warriors will choose to do both days and take advantage of the 'Super 12' discount on offer. There is also a section which is timed separately, with the fastest male and female participants being crowned 'Sprint King/Queen'.
Organisers say: "This is not your average fun run. Total Warrior cranks it up several notches so you need to be prepared for the ultimate test of stamina, strength and determination. With 30 punishing obstacles in each of its three locations, Total Warrior prides itself on offering greater variety and more obstacles-per-kilometre (or pain-for-your-pound) than any other race out there. So, if you want to avoid falling at the first giant hurdle, don’t forget the upper body training. And do bring a change of clothes to wear with your free finisher’s T-shirt at the after-party because you’re going to get a bit muddy. A big bit muddy."
The nature of the challenge can differ from person to person. Timing chips are provided, so participants can set themselves a personal target or aim to do it faster than a friend or rival. For some, the challenge will be to complete all six of the Total Warrior event days in one calendar year. For others, it is to take home the coveted Best Fancy Dress prize. Some sign up to lose weight; others sign up to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. 
For more information, visit the Total Warrior website, Facebook page or Twitter feed