5 Nov

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Runners in the New York Marathon

Twitter users have been hearing the stories of thousands of marathon runners as they descend on New York this weekend, to take part in the world's biggest marathon, the ING New York City Marathon. A record of 120,000 hopefuls entered this year's race, but only 45,000 will complete the 26.2 mile course on Sunday.

The excitement has been building online for this year's race, with organisers, New York Road Runners using twitter hashtags to bring all the runners and supporters together.

The official hashtag for the race is #ingnycm and twitter has been full of encouragement and news for the runners for the past few months, with some runners even considering taking mobiles with them in the race to tweet en route.

This has caused some debate among experienced runners, with many saying that tweeting while running just isn't safe. Although tweeting from the course would give followers a unique perspective of your race, where does safety need to take over, especially in a race of this magnitude?

One thing is for sure, the twitter hype will bring the race to the whole world, with users able to experience the emotion of organisers, runners and supporters as they prepare for, run and finish the race on Sunday.

Join the twitter conversation and add your words of encouragement to the runners, using the #ingnycm hashtag.

Let us know what you think about tweeting and running in our comments section below.


  1. Tony the Tortoise said...

    Might be a problem in a 1,500m dash but over 26.2 miles and maybe 4 hours, should be time and space to dash off a short message without endangering other runners.