8 Jan

Thirty Work For Heather

Heather Duff29-year-old cancer survivor Heather Duff has set herself 30 challenges to complete before she turns 30. These challenges include running a marathon and taking part in the inaugural Snowflake Run for Cancer Research UK in Edinburgh on 21 February.

Participants can expect Holyrood Park to be transformed into a winter wonderland featuring falling snow and hugs from friendly ‘polar bears’ on the finish line, providing an added incentive to conquer the cold for Cancer Research UK.

Heather of Winchburgh, West Lothian was given the news her cervical cancer was in remission in August 2014. She has already carried out some of her challenges – bagging a Munro, diving from a 10m board at the Commonwealth Pool, become a home owner and wtched a sunrise and sunset in the same spot. She also intends to ride a motorbike, learn to juggle, throw an axe in Canada and run a marathon.

Heather said: “From being diagnosed with cancer to being treated took just four months. But in that time my whole life changed. I wanted my list to be a celebration of life, a celebration of everything that’s to come. I’m just so grateful to all my family and friends who got me through this. I didn’t have to attend one appointment alone, someone was always there for me.

“Now I want to make the most of every minute which is why I have set myself these challenges. As I am still recovering from cancer treatment, my body can be a bit unpredictable and so I am having to take my marathon training cautiously.”

Heather added: “Taking part in the Snowflake Run is an important part of celebrating my recovery and I’m looking forward to being part of such a fun event. The cold won’t put me off because I know the money I’m raising is helping to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. That’s what will keep me going come rain, shine or blizzard.”

For more information on the Snowflake Run visit the event website.

Image courtesy of Lesley Martin