9 Jan

The Spine Goes Live

The Spine Race

As the next instalment of the Spine approaches, organisers have confirmed that this year's race, set for 11 January, will employ live GPS trackers to keep tabs on all of the competitors. The system, which has been provided by Open Tracking, will ensure additional safety for the extremely challenging race, while also allowing the race to employ a live leaderboard to heighten excitement over the duration.

Billed as Britain's 'most brutal race', the Spine entails a 68 mile, non-stop mountain marathon across the Pennine Way that sees competitors face deep snow, ice, gale force winds and rain over the course of seven days. A quick glance at the entry sheet shows 79 competitors have registered for this year's event, including renowned UK ultra runner Andy Mouncey and last year's winner Eugeni Roselló.

Considered the most testing National Trail in Britain, the Pennine Way crosses beautiful, difficult and challenging terrain and includes the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland National Park and the Cheviots, before finishing on the Scottish Borders.

In conjunction with the 268 mile event, 47 competitors have signed up for the Spine Challenger. Not just the baby brother to the Spine Race, the Challenger is a 108 mile, non-stop, 60 hour, winter mountain marathon between Edale and Hawes - an extremely technical section of the Pennine Way.

To view the race tracking function for both events, plus the competitors who have entered, visit the Spine's website.