28 Nov

The Road Starts Here

new runner Fiona Williamson

runABC’s Louise Sylvester speaks to beginner runner Fiona Williamson about starting out and the road ahead …

Why do you want to run?

I got engaged last year and want to be fit for the big day. I also have an active three-year-old and would like to be able to keep up with him as he gets bigger (and faster). Running is the only exercise I have tried that actually makes me feel like I am achieving something, so I am hopeful that it will help me reach my goal of feeling fitter and looking trim!

Have you done any running in the past?

I did do some running before I became a mum. I always enjoyed it and even did a 5k race. I have found it hard to get back into any form of exercise since Jasper was born though – which I am sure lots of women can relate to.

When did you first start thinking about running again?

Last month! It struck me that I needed to do something to get fit, and running seemed the best option for me.

What are you enjoying about running so far?

I love how I feel post-run. It is definitely the activity that produces the most endorphins for me. No matter how far I have gone, I always feel like I have achieved something.

How is the training going?

I have been getting out for about 40 minutes at a time and covering between three and four kilometres. I combine jogging and walking – but I make sure I am always moving. I have noticed a difference already. On my first run it was a struggle to get to the end of the street and on Saturday, I did about 1.5km before I needed to stop.

Do you run alone?

I have been running alone on weeknights, but recently started running with a friend on Saturday mornings while our little boys are at their rugby lesson. I think this will work out brilliantly as it gives us both a regular commitment to getting out and running. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up and time flies when you are gossiping.

What do you find tough?

It is always my breathing I struggle. It is what holds me back the most. I am hopeful that will change with time though.

What is the goal?

The short-term goal is to run a 5K without stopping. And of course, the overall goal is to lose weight and get fit.

Any races lined up?

For the time being I want to focus on getting fit and achieving that 5k goal. I might give parkrun a try before signing up to any events. There is a parkrun quite close to where our boys have their rugby lesson, so it might be that my friend and I do that over the next few weeks. Once I have proved to myself that I can run 5k without stopping I might be inspired to sign up for an event.