23 Feb

The Other Half Marathon Mystery

Wrexham Half Marathon

After the recent controversy surrounding the extended length of the Brighton half marathon, another 13.1 mile event has had problems. Around 40 runners in the Village Bakery half marathon in Wrexham were sent in the wrong direction after signs marking out the route were deliberately moved, causing the many participants to reach the finish line at the 11.3 mark.

The annual race, which took place last Sunday (February 19), attracted 470 entrants in what was its 17th event. Suspicions arose when race organiser Peter Norman was checking the course and noticed one sign pointing the wrong way. At this point, Peter corrected the sign but it became evident someone had changed the direction for a second time.

A statement on the Wrexham AC website describes the culprits who sabotaged the signs as 'malicious individuals'. It continued: "Wrexham AC appreciate that all of you, like us, are very annoyed and frustrated by these actions as we know how hard you all train and how important an accurate time is to you."

Of the top 15 finishers posted online by Wrexham Athletics Club, only three are believed to have completed the full route. Like the Brighton event, it is believed there will be a revision of the individual's results. The club are also asking competitors to revise their own times if they feel they didn't run the full 13.1 miles.


  1. Chris said...

    I don't understand how this can happen. Presumably if you have a lead bike, the front runners can't go the wrong way. And if there are any other critical junctions, you should really have informed marshals backing up any use of signs. There is no meaningful way you can unscramble the results, once several runners have gone the wrong way and short-cutted the route.