31 Jul

The Great Showdown?

Mo Farah and Usain Bolt

Early last week, there came confirmation from Hollywood that Batman and Superman would appear together for the first time ever on screen. It seems that the two superheroes of the racing world, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt, may be set for a dramatic head-to-head after the British double Olympic champion challenged his Jamaican counterpart to a showdown.

Farah, who cruised to victory at the 3,000m Anniversary Games in London on Saturday, laid down the gauntlet to Bolt over the weekend: "He's got his charity foundation, I've got the Mo Farah Foundation. Are you up for that? Come on, you've got to do it."

With the pair sharing an agent and forming a strong rapport during the Olympics, a race may not be so unlikely. Farah and Bolt would need to come to sort of agreement over the distance, with a compromise of somewhere between 600-800m the most likely outcome.

In response to Farah's proposal, Bolt replied: "It sounds like fun. It would be tough, but for charity. 600 would be better for me. I'm up for anything, anything's possible."