11 Jul

Ten-A-Day For Mountain Duo

Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell

On Saturday 19 July Scottish International distance runners Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell will attempt to climb the 10 highest mountains in Scotland in a day. The challenge, billed as 'The Big 10', will be followed by a team from BBC Scotland’s 'The Adventure Show'.

First, the pair will run up and down Ben Lawers before driving to take a route including four mountains through the Nevis range, followed by another drive to the Cairngorm mountains, where the final five mountains await them. The attempt may well set a marker that will see others trying to go under 24 hours, with faster folks going for any potential record.

Andrew said: "We are doing this because we had a free Saturday and fancied a challenge, but also to raise some money and awareness for SAMH (each penny makes a huge difference) and for the Fit in 14 campaign which is well worth supporting."

Murray, 33 races for Merrell UK, and is a GP based in Edinburgh, whose previous conquests include completing a remarkable 2,559 mile run from Scotland to the Sahara Desert, a 7 hour run up Mt Kilimanjaro and race wins in some of the most spectacular and hostile locations on earth.

He said “There is nowhere I would rather be than in the mountains of Scotland on a summer’s day. This will be a tough but beautiful shift, but what we are hoping to do is raise awareness of the benefits of exercise, and being in the great outdoors.”

Campbell, 29 is a running coach, and a former Marine commando based in Edinburgh who previously ran from Glasgow to his former home of Skye without stopping.

He added: “It will be a 4am start, followed by a full day of up and down, up and down. It is a completely do-able challenge, and we hope people will give ‘The Big 10’ a shot after us. Some fresh air and a load of hills might give us sore legs the next day, but it’s much underestimated how good exercise is for mental health as well as physical health.”

For more information, visit Andrew Murray's website.