3 Mar

‘Tag Along’ to jogscotland’s new wellbeing campaign

Jogscotland has just launched ‘Tag Along’, a new campaign to encourage more people to get active.
A spokeswoman for jogscotland told runABC Scotland online: “For the past two years we’ve been working in partnership with SAMH [Scottish Association for Mental Health] to help people across Scotland look after their physical and mental wellbeing. More than 700 jog leaders have completed mental health awareness training, and our groups aim to be supportive, sociable places where people can feel safe to be themselves.
“Now we want to help even more people benefit from that welcome, and get the message across that getting active with jogscotland is fun and achievable, and can boost their physical and mental wellbeing."
‘Tag Along’ will see jogscotland members all over the country writing messages of encouragement to other joggers or would-be joggers, to increase the number of people across Scotland getting active to improve their wellbeing.
All participants have to do is write a message on one of jogscotland’s special luggage tags. Each jog group will then tie their tags onto a string of shoelaces, and send them in to jogscotland HQ. jogscotland HQ will assemble them all – to see how long the ‘Tag Along’ thread of encouragement can grow.
Before tying their tag, joggers are invited to be photographed showing the message so it can be posted on social media, and will take part in special sessions designed to encourage more folk along to the group. 
Messages might be about how jogging makes you feel, what you’ve gained from joining a jogscotland group, dispelling one of the common anxieties around starting with a new group, or just a simple message of encouragement.
Jog groups are also invited to hold ‘Tag Along’ sessions, to welcome potential new members along, or share positive messages among members.
She added: “We know that one of the most powerful forces in persuading people to take up a more active lifestyle is word of mouth. So we’re asking our members to help us spread the word, encouraging their friends and family to Tag Along to their jogscotland group!”
Jog leaders can sign their groups up to take part in ‘Tag Along’ by using the online form.