14 Jan

Sweet Success For Fiona

FionaDundee-based Fiona Edwards has made a name for herself on the local running scene by turning up before events to sell her popular home-made tablet to raise funds for charity. Last week, Fiona donated £5,500 to Breast Cancer Research at the University of Dundee. This brings her over total since she started in 2003 to £47,000.

Fiona told scottishrunningguide.com about her efforts: "I spend around 16.5 hours a week making around 13 batches of tablet.  If there is a race on this means that I need to make more than the normal 13 batches. My family want me to stop as they say I have done enough but I keep going as I want to make a difference. And I know I have due to funding a drugs trial in the past which has already saved lives."

It's unusual for SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIIDE to endorse a calorific product such as tablet, but in this instance we'll make an exception. Not only is it for a good cause, tablet can also provide a great boost during a long run. Next time you're preparing for a race, have a look in the car park for Fiona and you might be in for a treat ...