2 May

Strong Response For Boston

Boston strong runners

Far from deterring people from running, the Boston marathon bombings instead inspired a string of events around the world paying tribute to the victims. US fitness blogger, Pavement Runner, arranged a series of Boston Strong runs on 22 April - a week after Boston marathon - in New York, Paris, London and various other locations.

His manifesto was: "A run for us to unite and show our strength. A run for those that were unable to finish. A run for those that may never run again. A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love."

Fellow blogger Christine Hagan was at the Boston Strong London event in Hyde Park, led by Mollie Millington, a personal trainer, passionate runner and former Boston resident. Christine said: "It was attended by a huge range of runners of all nationalities, from club runners to London marathoners to complete beginners. After a moving one minute silence, we ran a 5km route through Hyde Park together. It was our tribute to a runner's spirit and passion and our continuing thoughts and well wishes were with those affected by the Boston marathon bombings."

Across the Atlantic, there was a 26.2-second silence before the Run For Boston 5k in Memphis, Tennessee. University of Memphis student, Jeanne Hanna, explained why she took part: "Running is so often a solitary activity, but it also makes you part of a larger community of runners. What happened in Boston affected everyone in that community. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to come together to support one another, to honour those who were lost or hurt, to give back, and to work out our frustrations over what happened."

All donations received at the event went towards the One Fund Boston charity. To make a donation, visit the One Fund website, or for more information on Boston Strong, visit Pavement Runner's blog