26 Jun

Crammy Predicts Commonwealth Boost

Steve Cram

Steve Cram says the Glasgow Commonwealth Games will provide a boost to athletics in the country similar to the one experienced after the London 2012 Olympics. The former middle distance runner also believes Scotland’s track and field athletes can use this opportunity to significantly grow their profiles.

Cram who won a gold double at 800m and 1500m the last time the Games came to Scotland in Edinburgh in 1986, said: ‘There are a lot of tickets sold for Hampden and I think the atmosphere will be brilliant. There will be moments which stand out for years, that is a certainty. You do not know yet who it will be but it will happen.

“It is a massive moment of opportunity for athletics in Scotland and sport in Scotland. What happens when you host an event like this is that, for a while at least, it opens a few doors. Suddenly a little bit of money becomes available. Programmes get funding, a few sponsors are onside and interest is stimulated.”

He added: “For that period, sport becomes very relevant in both the minds of the public and on the wider political agenda. The head of UK Sport had the Prime Minister sitting in the best seat in the house for all the major moments at London 2012. They were saying: ‘Isn’t sport great, Prime Minister?’ I’m sure that will be happening in Scotland and if it goes well then hopefully there will be a mushroom effect.”