15 Jul

Spectators Encouraged To Try Orienteering

Murray StrainWith the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) coming to Scotland on 31 July, those who fancy trying the sport themselves will be able to do so at the Scottish 6 Days Event, held alongside the competition. The biennial 6 Days Event will see 6,000 club orienteers take part and will include several spectator ‘races’ for those curious about orienteering.
Mike Rodgers from the Scottish Orienteering Association said: “There is a choice of five courses, colour coded in difficultly, from 'unbelievably easy' white to a 'doggedly difficult' green. The orange course – usually a short 3-4 km nominal distance – is what most first-time adult runners tackle. Keep track of where you are on the map and 30 minute 'respectability' is within the reach of any reasonably fit person while trying to get amongst the top few offers a running challenge that simply can’t be had anywhere else."
Mike added: “However you get on, the one thing that having a go is sure to achieve is to give you a sense of huge respect to the men and women competing in WOC2015 who seem to be able to run 'clean' at the most incredible tempo, drawn to those unmistakeable red and white electronic markers as if magnetised.”
For more information, go to the World Orienteering Championships website or the 6 Days Event page
Image courtesy of Philip Baxter