20 Mar

Southside Six Scrapped

Southside Six
Organisers of the Southside Six have announced that the popular late autumn endurance test has been scrapped. Launched in 2010, the event became one of the most sought after entries on the Scottish race calendar and places filled quickly each year.

Now Glasgow City Council have demanded road closures before allowing the 2017 Southside Six to go ahead. Closures are not an option for the organisers and they have decided to pull this year's race.

Allan McDermid and Nick Vaughan started the race when they created an iconic 16-mile route that encompassed Bellahouston, Pollok, King's, Linn, Rouken Glen and Queen's Parks (hence the event name). Over time they built an organisational, marketing and volunteer structure to establish a race that regularly won plaudits from participants.

Yesterday Alan and Nick said: "We believe that we provide sufficient measures to prevent inconvenience or danger to the public or runners - and that the evidence of the last six years back this up - but this has not been enough to gain the required permissions.

"We will continue to discuss the concerns raised with the relevant authorities in the hope that the Southside Six will return again in the future."

Reaction on social media last night reflected sadness at the loss of a favourite race, dismay at Glasgow City Council's decision and the hope that the Southside Six would be restored in 2018.

Clare Blue summed up the response on Facebook: "Sorry to hear this. SS6 was such a great event and brilliantly organised. Fingers crossed GCC will reverse their decision and get this event back on the running calendar."


  1. Arthur said...

    Absolutely shocking decision from Glasgow city council. I guess their need for income from road closures outweighed the benefit the runners would get from leading a healthy life.
    As the council send out emails to their staff saying it's only 500 days till the European championships you would think they would be doing everything in their possibility to encourage people to lead healthy lives and not effectively forcing the cancellation of one of the most popular races on the calendar.
    This event could have grown massively but the organisers choose not to expand it too much as it was never about making profit, except for the charities that benefited, which sadly will go without this year.
    Glasgow city council - shame on you.

  2. malcolm said...

    Perfectly understandable decision from the council in my view. Remind me how many major roads this race goes straight across?