7 May

Some Like It Hot

charity runner Mark Allison

Mark Allison, the Briton who is currently running across the United States, covering 3,100 miles in 100 days, has had a dramatic first week on his epic journey. Mark has battled scorching daytime temperatures (on Day 4 he reported: "The temperature has just hit 35 celcius and 4% humidity here in sunny Barstow, California") faced down giant dogs; and coped with serious blisters to complete 180.4 miles after 6 days.

The indomitable Geordie has a deficit of 5 miles against his original schedule but is now making earlier start times to run in cooler temperatures. He also has a rest day coming up in Las Vegas soon which will provide an opportunity to 'soak up' some missing miles.

Mark has been blogging regularly at the RunGeordieRun challenge website and recounting tales of his progress and describing his inspirations - a hard-working support team; news of donations to the charities he is fund-raising for; good wishes from the UK; and the miraculous recuperative powers of Cherry Active. Mark has also been fascinated by passing cargo trains and made friends with assorted cowgirls and cafe owners.

By the time Mark runs into New York City in mid-August he hopes to have raised £50,000 for St Benedict's Hospice and the Children's Foundation. His total is currently at £30,000. You can support Marks' efforts at the justgiving pages for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation.