28 Dec

Sole Sisters

Dingwall lady runners

When Andrea Goddard tried to find a women's only running group in Dingwall she was left frustrated at her lack of options so decided to set up her own one. In April this year her group Sole Mates became the first ladies running group in the area, open to total beginners and intermediate level runners.

Andrea explained: "In the spring last year I felt the need to form the Sole Mates group as I'm sure I wasn't the only girl put off by semi-professional running groups. I wanted a group that was all girls, just women who wanted to keep fit, which was free and had no commitment.

"We jog, chat and try to keep the running fun rather than a chore, although on Fridays and weekends there are intermediate sessions for those who want to take things more seriously. We generally run 3-5 miles per session but it's tailored for beginners too, so if a beginner comes along, I'll go at their pace, walk/run, or whatever they feel most comfortable doing."

Several members have now set their sights on entering events next year, including the the Puffin Pool 5K, the Baxters River Ness 10K, Inverness half marathon (which will be the first half marathon some of them have entered).

The group meet at the following times:Tuesday 10am, Wednesdays 11am and 6.30pm, Thursdays 10am, Friday 10.30am (intermediates) and Saturday/Sunday (intermediates - long run)

For more information, visit the Sole Mates Facebook page.